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    Two years running total (calculating difference)

    Cecilia Saldaña



      I have a table with the following columns.


      jan 201720
      feb 201730
      jan 201640
      feb 201625


      I want to get a chart displaying year by year data as shown in attachced image,,, including the difference between years (mont by mont).

      I get to the point where I can display month by month difference... but when I try to see (in the chart) the difference cumulative amount... i just cant...


      Captura de pantalla 2017-10-12 a la(s) 18.51.50.png

      The upper part is a cumulative chart comparing two years (light and dark blue each)

      The chart below is currently showing each month´s difference, but I want to see the cumulative difference...


      Any ideas?


      Thank you

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          Manuel Velasquez

          Hi Cecilia


          Not sure about the structure of your data or how you build your Viz, however, I will try to recreate something similar with Sample-Superstore data set, I only have data for 2015 and 2016, after I create a simple line graph  to see/ compare profit per month, I will create 3 calculated fields to get the difference per month


          Get the profit  just for 2015 & 2016 years with an IF THEN END Statement




          Now the difference between 2016 profit - 2015 profit






          After you have the difference per month, then the cumulative difference is a Table Calculation Running Total (Table across ) [or RUNNING_SUM]




          Then create the view








          Attached .twbx file for reference (using Ver 10.2)



          Let me know if this helps!



          NOTE: I notice that you are using a Spanish version of Tableau, I speak Spanish too!



          Manuel Velasquez

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            Cecilia Saldaña

            Thank you,


            It works just fine.