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    Tableau Extensions API - Import custom data

    Ben Hagan

      Im new to Tableau development. I would like to connect to a custom external rest API and import the data in to Tableau desktop.


      Can I use the Tableau Extensions API to do this or should I be developing using the web data connector?


      Many thanks.

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          Lee Graber

          For building custom connectors to sources like RESTful APIs, web data connectors are the way to go.


          The new Extensions API is currently targeting custom extensions inside a dashboard. These extensions can interact with other zones in the dashboard and, from within the extension's web application code, they can interact with any other system they can get to, such as writing back information to an inventory management system, sending a request to a Natural Language Generation service, or simply loading up D3 to draw a network diagram. There are tons of possibilities. I recommend going to tableau.com/developer to learn more about them if you are interested.


          For custom connectivity, though, web data connector is the path for you. If that service provided an ODATA endpoint, that would also be an alternative (no code) or if they happen to have an ODBC driver (unlikely but possible) also a no-code option but if not, WDC. Resources for WDC are also available at tableau.com/developer.




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            Ben Hagan

            Many thanks Lee, that was the conclusion I had come too so very much appreciate the confirmation.


            All the best, Ben.