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    Dynamic Parameter Value / Label Workaround

    Josh Pyszkowski



      For those of you who are familiar with SSRS you know that you can create a parameter which consists of a Label (what the user sees) and a Value (what is passed around behind the scenes). I know this is possible by manually editing the parameter values once you have imported them from a field. I do not want to have to update the parameter every time a new value is added to the data source where my parameter values come from.


      I am trying to come up with a workaround in Tableau 9.2 as I don't believe it is natively possible. In the attached workbook I have used a separate data source to supply the "Display As" selections for the parameter. I then create calculated fields on that data source using IF statements to essentially use the other dimensions on that data source based on the parameter selection. This works until you try and use that new calculated field in another calculated field.


      My issue here is when I try and use this method for filtering on the calculated field Dynamic Locked Revenue,  I get the "Aggregate Non Aggregate error".


      First off, is there an easier way to accomplish what I am trying to do? If not, how do I get around this error?


      Thank you for your help.