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    Find MAX Date Before Event

    Michael Simons

      Hi all, would love some urgent help if anyone can offer it!


      I’m sure this is a very easy solution but I can’t unpick it. I have two data sources which are blended by car registration number.


      I have a list of cars and the date on which they had a crash.


      I have a list of cars and the various dates that they had a service.


      How can I find the date of the last service each car had before its crash.


      Note that most of the cars have had a service since their crash so I can’t just use MAX of crash data.







      Car 101/01/2017
      Car 106/01/2017
      Car 111/01/2017
      Car 116/01/2017
      Car 221/01/2017
      Car 226/01/2017
      Car 231/01/2017
      Car 305/02/2017
      Car 310/02/2017
      Car 315/02/2017
      Car 4





      Car 107/01/2017
      Car 122/01/2017
      Car 228/01/2017
      Car 306/02/2017
      Car 313/02/2017
      Car 405/05/2017