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    Data source replace

    sudhir ranajn

      Hi experts,


      In my work, after building several workbooks based on a data source (live database connection), I replaced the original data source with a new data source as per client's requirement.

      After replacement I found my viz broken. I followed every steps suggested by Tableau in data source replacement. I copied all calculated fields,sets,groups from my original views and pasted

      in the new data source. Everything is done but still I am not getting my views. I


      Please help and guide me with the proper steps.


      Thanks in advance!


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          Chris McClellan

          Which part is broken ?


          Usually this is fairly simple to debug and fix so that it's working perfectly.

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            Nicholas Hannan

            If any fields become broken after replacing the data source, you can typically right-click the broken field in the field in the Data pane and "Replace References..." with a valid field.


            Screen Shot 2017-10-17 at 9.30.39 AM.png


            You may need to tidy up your Color Legends, Number Formats, etc after doing so.

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              Deepak Rai

              Did you check that all your calculations are intact and not got disturbed like [12345608764444]

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                Cathy Bridges

                One of the trickiest parts of this, for me, is if field names have been aliased. Tableau doesn't provide any obvious designation for aliased fields. So if, for instance, you're getting exclamation points in your calculated fields when you replace the data source, check the calculations to see if you get any messages that fields do not exist in data source. If that's the case, switch over to your original data source, find the field you need, right-click and select Describe, then see if there's a different name in the original data source. If so, rename the field in your new data source too. It's a bit annoying that Tableau doesn't take care of this automatically, but it doesn't.


                The other trick is that if you're having problems with colors or formatting changing, you need to connect your new data source and in addition to the steps you mentioned, click on your sheet sorter view, then right-click and refresh all views. This pulls your formatting into memory so it's available to the new data source as well.


                All other comments above are also useful.

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                  sudhir ranajn

                  Hi Chris,


                  Mostly the number formats are changed.