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    Highlight a Particular category based on filter selection

    Ragav P

      Hello Guys,


      Have a simple question for you. I have attached a sample workbook. I want to know if the below is possible


      • I have a Sub-Category - Filter
      • I have a Box and whisker plot with profit % and Avg profit % across all category


      Now, when I change the filter to a particular category, Is it possible to highlight the same category in the plot (show the label name and change the Color). All other category should remain and be in another color. I have manually changed the color in the attached file. It will be better if you can give me a solution based on Box and whisker plot but if not possible please use any other chat too (not a problem)


      Let me know if any one of you have a solution.





      Note: I am using Tableau 10.3