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    Newbie Questions: Looking up data in another table and consolidating similar tables.

    Steve Rohde


      I have two types of data sources as CSV text files:


      Table A: Trip Records = List of all bike trips for one month between pairs of bike docking stations.  The docking stations are represented by a code (see Table B).

      I have 26 of these monthly tables, all with the same structure, spanning from Jan 2014 through Sep 2017.

      Some tables have nearly 750,000 trip records. I think I may have as many as 10,000,000 trip records in total.


      Table B: Station Info = List of bike docking stations that identifies the station name and station location (lat/lon pair) associated with each docking station code.




      1. Bring station name and location info from Table B into Table A so that in my visualizations, I will be able to:

      • identify bike docking stations by name, rather name by code.
      • place bike docking stations on a map.


      2. Consolidate records from all 26 instances of Table A into one big table, Table A'.


      QUESTION 1

      What's the best way to to connect these two data sources to a Tableau workbook and join them so that I can display station name and location from Table B as additional (calculated?) fields in Table A?


      See attached annotated image.


      QUESTION 2

      What the best way to consolidate records for all 24 instance of Table A?

      Should the consolidation be done outside of Tableau? Or can one configure Tableau to do this?
      I think I have a total of nearly 10,000,000 records. Is this too much for Tableau to handle in one workbook?



      Thanks so much in advance for helping with the basics of Tableau!