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    Value changes when changing mark types

    Mathias Chicha

      Hey everyone,


      Not sure if this is an issue on my end or if a ticket needs to be risen for this but thought it would be better to post this here as a question.
      I am currently building a dashboard and when trying to switch the mark type for a continuous measure, the values change...
      Please see here-under:







      Now that is pretty crazy and yes, I do have a custom calculation behind it but it is as simple as "If parameter is EURO then Euro", to switch between Euro and Local prices.
      Useless to say that the values displayed with the line are incorrect (I doubled check with another source). Other information I can provide is that this calculated field has been blended with the primary data source, but they have the same level of granularity. (And why would the change of mark types would change the value?)

      Unfortunately I am not able to provide any dashboard as it is really big and I can not use dummy data on it.

      My questions is, do you know what could cause this issue?


      Thanks a lot in advance,





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          Nicholas Hannan

          Hi Mathias,


          So going from image A to B, you are ONLY changing "Super weird measure" from Circle to Line?


          - Can you show more aspects to your view, such as your Rows, Columns, Filters, Formulas, etc.

          - If you are using any table calculations, is your scope (Compute using...) correct?

          - Before and after, are you blending in the same way?


          Are you able to re-create this with Superstore data?