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    Using Distribution List to Subscribe Emails Not working

    Sara Kim



      Our current Tableau version: 9.3.4


      I am having problem with subscribing dashboard snapshot to a distribution email. I tested this with a different distribution list and it worked in our UAT environment, However when we selected another distribution list - its not working - it showed this message in PROD: And when testing in our UAT , it says success and no errors but doesn't send the emails.


      Invalid Addresses java.lang.RuntimeException: Some subscriptions were not sent successfully.


      I have checked this is correct email address, sent email from personal account and it went through.


      Do all users in the distribution have to be licensed/added to the site so that it will send the email to distribution? The only difference between the DL (which worked) all users were added to the server and this DL has some users that are not part of tableau users.


      But I am not sure if all  users need to be added to tableau server to be able to send emails (as part of the DL List)