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    Search not working for a multiple value drop-down filter on Tableau Server

    Ashish Langote



      I have a filter with almost 100,000 unique values. Filter type is a Multi-values (list). Whenever I start typing a value in the search bar below filter, Tableau Desktop starts searching for relevant values and gives suggestions from the list. However, this function does not work after I publish dashboard on Tableau Server. The search does not happen at all.


      Has anyone faced such issue before? What might be the reason for this?


      Just to give additional information, the search function works when I access the tableau server through its IP address in browser. Eg:

      and fails to search when accessed through its domain name. Eg: https://mytableausite.asn.intra.net/#/site/folder/views/dashboardname.

      This website's certificate is not issued by trusted certificate authority. Can this anyway relate to my filter search not working?


      Also, could someone let me know if they observed this search function not working on server and what might be the reasons for this?