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    Capture Hourly production in case duration minutes

    Aaron Valleroy

      I am trying to build a dashboard to show hourly usage in the OR.  I am wanting to use the PIR (Patient in the Room) to POR (Patient Out of the room) time to capture how many minutes per hour the OR is being used.  Example:( PIR = 7:10 am and POR = 10:20am)  I would want to show 50 minutes at 7am, 8 and 9am would show 60 minutes, and 10 am =20 minutes for the surgeon)  The illustration I am trying to make would have the hours from 0 on the far left column and 2300 at the far right.  The minutes would stack up under the hourly bucket if falls into.  I appreciate any help building this as this has been a barrier for me.