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    comments in Tableau mobile App

    Gouse Shaik



      does anyone know how can i access comments in Tableau mobile app?

      when i open any dashboard on Tableau mobile app i don't see comments section visible even if i try to access same dashboard on mobile browser i see by default the URL suffix ?:embed=y.

      i tried to change the "Y" to "N" but still it changes automatically to ?:embed=y. i am an administrator so you can rule out permission issues.

      Any suggestion on how to see and enter comments in Tableau mobile app or browser.




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          Hello Gouse,


          When viewing the dashboard in the Tableau Mobile app, select the three dots that are vertically aligned in the top right corner, this should bring up a drop down list. One of the first options should be 'Comments', selecting this will take you to the comments section of the selected workbook/dashboard.


          I hope this helps!



          Byrne, Patrick