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    Daylight savings with diferent utc

    Roger Joan

      Good morning,

      Im trying to make a daylight saving calculated field,

      But when im printing it at colums, i think its making all zones movements at same time, producing errors.


      Values are correct. Theres a +1 each 30 minutes.

      Filters values between 2 dates.

      The only problem its the hour jump on 2:00 to 3:00


      the calculated field:


      Date DaySaved Europe


      //Example :last Sunday in March at 1AM

      [Final date] >= DATEADD('hour',(DATEPART('hour',[Hour start])),DATEADD('week',([Week start]-4),(DATETRUNC('week',DATEADD('month',[Month start],DATETRUNC('year',[Final date]))))))


      //Example: last Sunday in October at 2AM

      [Final date] < DATEADD('hour',(DATEPART('hour',[Hour end])),DATEADD('week',([Week end]-4),(DATETRUNC('week',DATEADD('month',[Month end],DATETRUNC('year',[Final date]))))))

      THEN DATEADD('hour',(-[UTC]+1),[Final date])

      ELSE DATEADD('hour',(-[UTC]),[Final date])



      Error Fechas2.PNG

      The first 3:00 and 3:30 at the photo should be 2:00 and 2:30, dont know why it jumps 2 hours instead of 1. (12:30->2:00 instead of 12:30->3:00)


      Anyone know whats happening?

      Thanks in advance.