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    Seperating components of a combined field by a linebreak

    Andrej Schmelzer



      I have a hopefully simple question:


      I have created a combined field out of 2 database columns. If we would take the superstore example, it would be something like a combination of  countrycode and sales.subcategory, so the output looks like DE, furniture or SE, computers.


      The dialoge for creating a combined field lets me replace the "," with any other character, but I cannot put in a linebreak there. Neither /n nor char(10)  nor <char(10)> works in this context.


      I could get around there by instead concatenating the 2 fields in a calculated field and add the linebreak there, but my guess is that straight up combined fields should be quite a bit quicker and easier to maintain then a string concatentation.


      This should be really simple I hope.