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    Matthew McLaughlin

      Good morning all!  Got a small project here to display how many users of certain apps are attending the publisher's user group.  I have data like this:





      and need it to display a shape for each app in a different color on their corresponding state. So, NY would have 4 shapes in a color representing App1, 29 shapes in a color representing App2, and no shapes for App3.  Since some states are rather small, I probably can have a scale factor, like 1 shape = 5 users or something. 


      I have two data sources:  1 sheet has the app types while the other sheet has the numbers of users per state.  I can't figure out how to relate these two worksheets.  Any suggestions??????  i have attached the twbx.


      Thanks in advance!



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          Amber Loranger

          Hi Matt,

          In order to use both of your data sources on the same worksheet (data blending) you'll need to have a column that's the same between the two data sources. I don't see one like that in your current data.

          Here's some more info on data blending, and what is required to make it work: Blend Your Data

          Ideally, for your situation, I'd recommend putting the app type in the same data source as the state data if it's even remotely possible. Having one data source with only one column in it is going to be more trouble than it's worth.

          Really a format like:

          StateApp type
          App Number
          # Of Users


          CT AApp110

          would be the best to allow you the most flexibility in analysis.


          Once you have your data issues sorted out, getting all 3 shapes on your map might be a bit tricky. If there's not a specific location defined for the particular mark, it will just show up in the middle of the state (like the little people on your map now) and they will all be stacked on top of each other. My mapping skills, alas, are not strong enough to figure out what exactly to do about that.

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            Matthew McLaughlin

            Thank you, Amber!  This is a big help!  I'm sure I can figure out the mapping part...the biggest issue I had was that of the application to state blending.


            Enjoy the weekend!