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    Project - Limited Data what should I try to show? Please help close to my deadline

    Ryan Smith

      Hello Everyone,


      I am working on a project and have limited data and am trying to think of things I should show in tableau. I need this to be some of the best work I have ever done but am really struggling to come up with things. Below is a sample of the columns and what the data looks like.





      Date receivedProductSub-productIssueSub-issueConsumer complaint narrativeCompany public responseCompanyStateZIP codeTagsConsumer consent provided?Submitted viaDate sent to companyCompany response to consumerTimely response?Consumer disputed?Complaint ID
      MortgageOther mortgageLoan modification,collection,foreclosureM&T BANK CORPORATIONMI48382N/AReferralClosed with explanationYesNo759217

      I am thinking I want to make 3 stories. One as if the client is a business, One as if the client is the gov and the last as if the client is a private equity firm looking to buy a company.


      For the business one:

      Some of the things I was thinking of was showing

      1. 1) Do we have enough employees
        1. Where are our employees compared to where our issues are
          1. Does that effect the ratio of timely response
        2. Is there a correlation to timely response and geographical location
      2. 2) Is a company doing something bad
        1. What company has the highest ratio of complaints to payout
          1. How does that compare to the number of complaints they receive

      I am struggling to think of other things. Can the community please let and send suggestions on things I should try to show?

      Thank you all this is very important