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    Odd behaviour with 10.4 ? or even prior?

    John Hobby

      Hey ya'll,


      Ok, so I just encountered something that is extremely unwanted with out new install of 10.4.  However, with the security groups we have in place might be able to 'handle' it until we find a fix.


      Setup:  Server 10.4 || Login security defined by AD || Default site and another site || Google Chrome as browser || (plenty of memory and space and few other machines to handle the workload)


      This occurred when there was more than one site available to the user.


      I'm a server admin, so not sure if a site admin / publisher / etc will see the same thing - but

      So, in a nutshell:

      1) Open your site to the project page

      2) Right click on the 'users' tab and open in a new window

           * now you should have 2 windows open

      3) Arrange the windows side-by-side, so you can see the exact same contents in both windows

      4) Navigate to another site in one window

      5) Now, navigate around in the 'newly' open window and see if there is anything that crosses over from the site in the other window


      What I was able to see was books from our 'default' site inside one of our practice sites.  This should NOT have happened.  I'm hoping it was just a glitch and will try to keep reproducing, but that was very concerning.  The reason I was doing this was mainly to look at the default site with its setup and then recreate those projects / permissions inside the new site.  Guess I need to go off screenshots now - eh 


      Thoughts? Ideas? Suggestions? Etc?