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    Separate coloring per row

    Youwei Chen

      I have a dashboard where I need to color each row separately base on measure.  This seem much more difficult than I original thought.


      My original data is as follows:

      each financial model have set of statistic at model level:  there are about 30+ of them

      each variable in the model will have a set of variable statistic such as p value, vif.


      I joined model and model variable data and use following to represent data:

      businessmodelr2adj r2mapevar_namep_valuevif
      equityus equity0.030.040.07var10.0020.2
      equityus equity0.030.040.07var20.030.4









      I am visualizing data at individual model level, and come up with following visualization:

      My big problem is coloring.  There is a passing/fail value for each of values. For example, if p value is > 0.05, I need to mark it as failed.

      Anyone can give suggestion on how this can be done?


      Sample tableu public page:

      Tableau Public



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          Abhilash Sharma

          Hi Chen,


          I have attached the sample workbook with the solution.




          Create a calculated field as shown in the screenshot and add it to Colour shelf on Marks card.

          Step 2: Assign colour to Red/Green based on your requirement


          Hope this helps.




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            Youwei Chen

            Thanks for help, your solution will work well for variable_stat table.


            Do you know what I can do color model_stat table?  Measure is per row, and there is no column name for value. 


            I need something like "Measure Name" = "R2" and val>0.06 then 1 end.  Anything like that available in Tableau?



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              Abhilash Sharma

              Hi Chen,


              I have tried a lot of options using different calculated fields. I even added a sample column but unfortunately this cannot be done in Tableau. It will require some next-level hacks which will allow us to make this happen.


              By default, Tableau does not have any check where we can check the Measure Name  = R2 and then do threshold the data.


              Please mark correct answer/helpful if you agree.




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                Subhankar Mishra

                Hi Chen,


                This is in response to you and Abhilash.


                Whereas you do not get to use the Measure Names in calculated field but then there is a workaround that can be built to achieve the same:


                Please see below the steps:

                Step 1: Create a text file named Meta Name Data Source, in which you have data as given below:


                Step 2: Add the data source to the existing visualization using Data Blending as given below:


                Step 3: Create a calculated field by the name of MetaMeasure as given below:


                Step 4: After this is created then you need to create a calculated field for Thresholding. I created calculated field named R2 Threshold as given below:


                Step 5: Create the required visualization as given below:


                I have referred this workaround from http://vizdiff.blogspot.in/2016/05/turning-measure-names-into-dimension.html




                Kind Regards


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