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    Index Table Calculation

    Bob Kraft

      I am new to Tableau. I am working through the online tutorials, books, and courses.  I have simple problem that I am trying to solve in Tableau.  I would like to Index records along a row.  At first, I thought this would be a trivial task but after trying a variety of Table Calculation and LOD calculations.  I am stumped.   I have attached a workbook to illustrate my problem.  I have two dimensions (patientvisit_id, entry). I have one measure (duration). 


      PatientVisit_ID      Entry     Duration

      A                             1              10

      A                             2              20

      A                             3              30

      A                             4              40

      B                             1              10

      B                             2              20

      B                             3              30

      C                             1              10

      C                             2              20


      I would like to know how to create a cross tab that has an index of the patients displayed.    If I put Entry on the Columns shelf, PatientVisit_ID on the Row shelf, and Duration on the Marks shelf as Label.  I create a Calculated Field called Index with the Index() as the Calculation. Table calculation is Table Down.  I put this on the Row shelf after the PatientVisit ID. When I make PatientVisit_ID and Entry Discrete my table looks like this


      PatientVisit_Id      Index

      A                             1

      B                             2

      C                             3


      with multiple columns showing the duration at various Entries. This is exactly what I want except that Entry must be continuous.  When you change the Entry to continuous the table now the rows look like this


      PatientVisit_Id      Index

      A                            1

      B                            2

      C                            1



      I have created a workbook to illustrate this behavior.  All you have to do is change the Entry in the Columns shelf from Discrete to Continuous to see the problem as I have described it above.

      I am hoping that someone will be able to explain why the rows are displayed like this when Entry is set to Continuous.  I am also hoping that someone will be able to show me how to index my PatientVisit_Id properly. 


      This is just a toy example I worked up to illustrate the problem.  The real problem I am try to solve is display my PatientVisit_Ids one per row in a Gantt chart.  There are multiple bars for each patientvisit_id in my Gantt chart. As a result, there are multiple entries (Entry, which is a datetime field) for each patientvisit_id.  The actual patientvisit_ids are irrelevant to the people viewing the Viz, however, seeing an index of the number of rows in my Gantt chart would be useful.


      Any help, suggestions, or a solution to my problem is greatly appreciated.


      Thank you in advance.



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          Norbert Maijoor

          Hi Bob,


          Not sure but find my approach as reference below and stored in attached workbook version 10.1 located in the original thread.



          1. Define calculated field index: index() and drag object to the right of  Entry on the Rows Shelft


          2. Set index to discrete and drag the object between PatientVisit ID and Entry



          4. Index > textmenu > Compute Usng Entry



          5. "un-tick" Show Header for the object entry



          6. Drag calculated field Duration on Size on the marks card





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            Jim Dehner

            Hi Bob

            I'm not certain what you are trying to accomlish - I was going down the same track as Norbert so please look at his response

            Also there is a very good artical on Index() that may be helpful

            see the link At the Level – Unlocking the Mystery Part 1: Ordinal Calcs | Drawing with Numbers




            Let me know if this helps

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              Bob Kraft

              Norbert and Jim,


              Thanks for looking into my problem.  Jim I appreciate the link. Unfortunately,  I am still unable to accomplish my goal. I am trying to count and display the number of patients included in my Viz.  I have created a new workbook with three worksheets and a dashboard illustrating my problem. I think it comes down to trying to use Index() with a continuous dimension.  I believe the new workbook will do a better job of explaining my problem.

              Thanks again for all your help.  It experienced Tableau users like yourselves that allow the new guys to improve our skills.