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    Interact each sheets using Action Filters

    Ashok Ramineni

      I am pre-calculating all the measure fields in DB and created a dashboard(published DS) which works fine.

      Existing Table structure:

      Date      State     City        Category       ID       M1         M2 M3         M4


      Different calc used to derive Measures.

           M1                M2             M3                M4            Total


      With Actions, when I click on any bar, relevant customers info should display ex: select on 40 bar, 40 ID’s should display, 9 for 9 ID’s etc.

      And below info is getting from other DS and has few common dimensions setup in relationships. i.e. Date, State, City, Category


      ID            Name    address                Zip          Status   Date       State City       Category  etc..


      I believe we should have the column used to derive measure count in the above chart in table structure. but still not working as expected. I want to pass all 40 ID’s to other sheet,.

      Can u pls help me in interacting the sheets.