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    Baseline Month Comparisons

    Anuj Chopra

      Hi All, I want to compare the baseline month of June with other months (July onward )


      The month of June should display its measures and should be static. The user should be able to select the month it wants to be compared with this baseline month of June.


      For example, if the user selects July then the table should show percent difference of July from June , if the user selects August then the percent difference of August should be shown with June.

      I don’t need a visualization but just a tabular format. I am concerned about how to get the logic such that each month the user selects is always compared with baseline month of June.



      Please note I only want to show two months on one sheet:

      1. Baseline month - June

      2. Comparison month - whatever the user selects from the filter.


      Any help is appreciated.