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    Sort Each Year's Data Column Separately

    Ellen Yeung


      I've attached a sample Superstore data mock-up.  I'd like to know how to list e.g. the Top 10 Manufacturers according to a metric such as profit per year, ranked from 1-10.


      The screenshot below isn't listing the Top 10 Manufacturers by profit for each year.  It is sorted for the sum of profit for all the years between 2013-2017.  Therefore, the order of names is the same for all of the columns.

      The actual Top 10 Manufacturers for 2013, ranked from 1 to 10 are:

      Is there a way to do this without having to build separate views and inserting them all into a dashboard? I'd like to be able to export the table into an Excel file.


      P.S. I'm having trouble aligning left too.  And adding the #'s 1 to 10 in the left-most column would be great too.


      Thanks in advance for some tips!