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    Viewing the data behind a number

    Mark Turner

      I regularly come across this problem in Tableau when working on a workbook someone else has created. The number displayed never seems to match the number I am expecting to see and working back to see where things have gone wrong seems impossible.


      I'm currently looking at a cross tab which aggregates data from two accounting systems and shows them side by side - we are migrating data from one to the other and need to check that everything has migrated across correctly. One of the numbers does not look right at all so I want to see what individual numbers go into making this number. I select the number and in the pop up I click on show data - it then shows me one row of data with the various dimensions from my cross tab and the "measure value" (ie. the number that I'm looking into). This is just the summary but at the bottom of the window I can click on "Full data". This brings up 8 rows of data which looks like it should be the break down of the number I'm interested in. However, there are no fields showing any numbers - its all just dimensions. All the data is coming from databases so It's not like I can just open up a spreadsheet and do a few calculations to help me. I'm Using Tableau 10.3


      Its infuriating how difficult it seems to be to validate that the data being displayed matches your source data - is there something obvious that I'm missing?


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          Neil Lord

          Hi Mark,


          In your "full data" view what does the column Amount - NAV Count look like?

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            Mark Turner

            Hi Neil


            Thanks for your reply.


            "Amount - NAV Count" is a calculated field. In The "full data view" every row is showing as null. Makes no sense to me that on the worksheet there are values but it shows all null in the main data set. Could that have something to do with how the measure value is using AGG rather than SUM?



            Thanks for looking at this, really is appreciated.

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              Neil Lord

              Hi Mark,


              It shows null in the full data because that value doesn't exist in the full data (because it's calculated)....The AGG part just means the the "Sum" is done within the calculation (for example sum(Sales)/Sum(Profit) = AGG(Profit Ratio))


              Would it be easier to navigate to the datasource tab and view the data in there? You could set the datasource filters to view just the account in question and see all of the line items that make up those numbers?