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    Use filter in dashboard




      I have 2 sheets (A_B and C_D) which show the plots for 4 ID's (A,B,C,D)

      2 ID's in the first sheet and 2 in the other.


      I also have a Report sheet where I have some information gathered.

      Now, I want to create a dashboard which will use this Report sheet and when the user clicks a

      certain ID or Name, the analogous plot will appear.


      Right now, I just put Report and A_B sheet in the dashboard and selected to use a filter (Report).

      If you click on any field, you can see the analogous plot but the title of the sheet remains the A_B sheet even though it

      shows you data from the C_D sheet.Also, I want to show plot only when I select ID or Name.


      I couldn't make it work using a source sheet and target sheets.