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    Restricting MAX Functionality

    adarsh alok

      Hi Everyone,


      I have a dataset as follows:



      IDTraining NameCompletion Date
      12345Course A1/2/2016
      12345Course B2/6/2016
      12345Course C3/12/2016
      12345Course D4/16/2016
      12345Course E5/21/2016
      12345Course F6/25/2016
      12345Course G7/30/2016
      12345Course H9/3/2016
      12345Course I10/8/2016
      12345Course J11/12/2016
      25489Course A12/17/2016
      25489Course B1/21/2017
      25489Course C2/25/2017
      25489Course D4/1/2017
      25489Course E5/6/2017
      25489Course F6/10/2017
      25489Course G7/15/2017
      25489Course H8/19/2017
      25489Course I9/23/2017
      56987Course C10/28/2017
      56987Course D12/2/2017
      56987Course E1/6/2018
      56987Course F2/10/2018
      56987Course A3/17/2018
      56987Course B4/21/2018
      56987Course C5/26/2018
      56987Course D6/30/2018
      69874Course F8/4/2018
      69874Course G9/8/2018
      69874Course H10/13/2018
      69874Course I11/17/2018


      I'm trying to see in which month any individual has completed the requirement of completing his 7th Course. The dashboard should have values like this:

      January 2017: 1

      February 2017: 2

      April 2017: 1


      I tried using the MAX functionality, but in case an individual has completed 8 or 9 courses, it gives me 8th or 9th completion date.

      Is there a way to restrict the MAX functionality to achieve the completion date of 7th Course?