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    Context filter only shows 30 days - any way to get 6 month average reference line?

    Joe Proulx

      I have created a daily report that shows a rolling 30-day bar chart (among a ton of other things). Because there are some days that have no data, and my stakeholders wanted to see a 0 on those dates (vs omitting the day entirely), I created a rolling 30 day calculation and set it as a context filter, with show missing values enabled. It works great.


      But now they'd like to see a reference line of a six-month average. I have the calculation correct and it comes up with the correct number when I test it out on a blank sheet...but obviously when I try to use the calc in the viz with the rolling 30 day context filter, it is "blocked" from going back the full 6 months.


      Can anyone think of a way around this?