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    Water fall with multiple measures without data restructure

    bharathi morusu



      I have got one requirement to convert an existing bar chart to waterfall chart with multiple measures.

      I understood that there are two options to create them.


      1. Data or table restructuring i.e. trying to sum all the data in the source with measure name as one of the columns which will be easy to plot.

           The report what I have on Tableau is using LOD expression of INCLUDE, have a parameter where a user can enter any number which will affect the output.

      2. Build a field builder i.e. using index() to plot it with help of calculated measures.

      Ex: Waterfall chart Plotted Against Aggregated Measures

      This way is not giving right values due to the LOD where it is not including all the rows.


      I need to understand if there is any other way of doing this or need a conclusion whether it is doable or not.


      Please let me know if the requirement is not clear and post your answers at the earliest.


      Thank you,