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    Tableau Certification

    Chase Green

      Hello everyone,


      I was wondering if I can get some advice on Tableau certification, pros and cons, how it's impacted your work, if training is only offered by Tableau or are their third party offers that someone might recommend?


      Thanks for your help and see all at the next user group meeting!



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          Justin Larson

          my 2¢:


          I helped someone through it at one point, but have not been certified myself. Certification really is a tool for managing your own career, so whether or not it's worth it is a question of how you choose to manage your own career.


          The friend who I helped through it said I'd be able to pass it without even studying, so simply using the product thoroughly is enough to get you certifiable. In my experience, certifications have not been necessary to move my career forward, so I haven't pursued any that would be considered highly relevant to me personally, Tableau included.


          That said, Tableau is a very sought after skill in this market, and having that certification will definitely get you calls from recruiters, and may get your foot in the door for opportunities. The jobs that I've seen with Tableau alone as the sought after skill start on the low end at ~$70K ranging up into ~$120, so there is something to be said for having a certification to get in the front of the line for an opportunity like that.

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            Erica Strachan

            Hey Chase- Id be happy to talk to you about Certification. I would say that its been a helpful credential to have in my career. At Slalom, we do offer training, but more for a group or an organization. Depending on your experience level, I can probably help you self serve toward training/studying for certification. Email me: ericas@slalom.com

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              Jillian Lellis

              Hey Erica! I sent you an email!

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                Paulo Dantas

                Hi Chase,


                did you given what you want?


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