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    Parameter not updating on Story Boards

    Michael Wedekindt

      Hi community,


      the Parameter is not updating in Story Boards when I change him. On Dashboards it works. Please answer why or tell me how I can solve it.


      Just follow up the steps and you will see what I mean.


      1. Open Buch1.twbx

      2. Go to Dashboard 1 and change parameter "Profit Bin Size" to 100

      3. Go to Dashboard 2. Parameter "Profit Bin Size" has been changed as well.

      4. Go to Story 1 first Story Page (Blatt 1) and change parameter "Profit Bin Size" to 100

      5. Go to the next Story Page (Blatt 2) and parameter "Profit Bin Size" has not been changed as well.


      Now the question: Why? And on top the 1 Million Dollar question is: How can I solve this?

      The goal is to use one parameter as filter for each Story board.


      I used the Superstore example raw without any changes and it is always the same parameter.


      Thanks and regards



      p.s. Removed a typo.

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          Jim Dehner

          Hi Michael

          I looked over your worbook and can only say - in the story changes do not go back to update the d/b or worksheets -

          That said the question is how do you deal with it - see the attached and below

          I added a parameter to your worksheets to "Select View" - the parameter is tied to a calculated field


                    View Filter      CASE [select view] when 'Blatt 1' then 1 WHEN 'Blatt 2' then 2 end


          and Then drag the view filter to the filter shelf on each sheet - set to 1 on Blatt 1 and to 2 on Blatt 2


          Create a new Dashboard and place Blatt1 And Blatt 2 into the same container on the sheet

               place each sheet on the canvas

               drag a vertical container to the sheet

               Drag each sheet to the container

               AOn each sheet rihgt click the header and select Hide Title


          now you have both sheets in the same container but they are filtered so that only 1 will show at a time based on the value of Select View paramter and they will adjust based on your Bin Size Parameter


          This may not be exactly what you want but it will get the end result


          - I avoid using Story and use d/b's and actions between d/b when creating a viz




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            Michael Wedekindt

            Hi Jim,


            please apologize the late response. Thank you very much for the quick answer!


            So I read from this answer that it is from my point of view still a technical issue from Tableau that parameter still not updating/changing correctly on Story Boards.


            Back to your solution. I think it is a good and smart way to deal with this.


            Thank you and best regards



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              Jim Dehner

              Glad to help out