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    Dynamic dashboard height to minimize unused vertical whitespace when printing

    Caleb Smith

      Hi all,


      I've seen a number of discussions involving "dynamic dashboard height" of one flavor or another but haven't yet found any techniques that address my particular problem. I'm building a dashboard for a group where some users want to view it online, and some want to export the dashboard to PDF for later review. The problem I'm running into is that depending on the filter selected, the content of the dashboard could require relatively minimal vertical space (1100 px), or could require a lot of vertical space (4000 px) in order to display without vertical scroll bars. When printing, I obviously can't tolerate scrolling, else not all the information is visible to the consumer. I also can't really tolerate a great deal of unused whitespace, as that just fills up the PDF with blank space. I'm trying to find a solution that will allow the dashboard size to adjust based on the space needs of its constituent views (similar to how a vertical layout container can resize). I want to minimize unused whitspace while also preventing vertical scroll bars. Or some hack that results in a similar effect.


      Unfortunately I can't simply crop the PDF to remove the unwanted whitespace, as the dashboard displays project information and an individual consumer may need to print multiple projects. They won't have the time or patience to manually crop each PDF/image when printing. I also can't simply set each sheet to "fit height" as that will disrupt the formatting and make the print outs difficult to parse.


      Attached is a dashboard from the Superstore workbook that shows profit for a State & City hierarchy. The dashboard height is set to 4000 px in order to fit everything without a vertical scroll bar. However, when you collapse the hierarchy to just the State level, you're left with a bunch of white space at the bottom of the dashboard. Is there a way to prevent this additional whitespace in the dashboard OR prevent this additional whitespace from being exported into the PDF when printing without relying on the "fit height" selection at the view level?