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    Show Empty Rows doesn't work with hidden rows

    pratik gandhi



      I am facing an issue where I want to show empty rows for a dimension (using Show Empty Rows option), however, at the same time I also want to hide specific values. What I am currently observing is that when I hide any of the rows, my empty row also gets hidden. Any idea what might be causing this and is there any workaround for it.





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          Hi hi pratik gandhi,


          Could you please share your workbook with us?

          In the mean time, you could try the two followings:

          • Turn on Analysis->Table Layout->Show Empty Columns. This will make Tableau fill in the crosstab, but in most cases you wouldn't be able to get Tableau to show anything in those cells. The kind of padding done by Show Empty Columns and Show Empty Rows is mostly not addressable by table calculations, not fillable by Field->Pane tab->Special Values->Text, etc., it's just for visual display.
          • Use a custom query or custom SQL to pad out your data to include those missing values. This will create extra records, so you'd have to be careful using a calculated field instead of just SUM([Number of Records]), but will work.



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