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    Subscribing other users in Tableau 9.3

    Kishore Kelam


      I'm sure that this question would have asked already, but couldn't find the exact answer. So, can someone please confirm, if we can subscribe other users to reports in Tableau 9.3?

      Also, please confirm, if we cab subscribe distribution lists(team's or organization's email ids) in Tableau 9.3.

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          Donna Coles

          HI Kishore


          The ability to subscribe others to a view was only introduced in Tableau Server v10.0

          Here is the help documentation for v9.3 https://onlinehelp.tableau.com/v9.3/server/en-us/help.htm#subscribe_user.htm

          vs the help documentation for v10.0 https://onlinehelp.tableau.com/v10.0/server/en-us/help.htm#subscribe_user.htm


          You can't subscribe a distribution list, as the subscribers that are added have to be an account on the server.  My suggested workaround when people have asked me this is that either all the individuals should subscribe themselves or a single person should subscribe, then use their own email rules to forward the email to the relevant distribution list.



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            Mark Wu

            You can also find your answers from Tableau 10  .

            Although Tableau subscription has the convenience of sending snapshots to people's inbox, however I do not encourage people to use subscription a lot due to the following reasons:

            • You do not know if people read the subscription mail or not vs. server clicks which are user actions on server
            • Heavy subscription mess-up your workbook usage since subscription is considered as usage - I have server policy to delete any workbooks not used in past 90 days. I was able to delete 50% of the workbooks in last year - everyone love it.  However I start to worry that server team may lose our ability to delete  with more and more subscriptions

            I am glad that Tableau subscription does not work for group.


            On the other side, I do encourage people to use 10.3 data-driven alerts that send out email only when threahold conditions are met - reduce traffics and still encourage interactors to login Tableau server to interact views, or share comments (10.4 feature)  with others about their data.

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