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    Index recalculation when filtering

    Stefan Hanotin

      Hi all,


      I have attached a packaged workbook of customer sales that has an Index() based on how the table is sorted. The table is Sorted based on a parameter which sorts either by Sales quantity or Invoice Date. The Invoice Date has to be converted to an Integer to sort. There are 2 filters, one based on the Financial Week and another based on the Index() determining if the sales quantity is in the Top N (parameter).


      I want to be able to use both filters at the same time, but the Index isn't recalculated when you apply the first filter.


      Instructions to reproduce:

      1. Observe Index.
      2. Change Limit filter to "Last 2 weeks only".
      3. Observe Index which isn't recalculated.
      4. Change Top N filter to "Top N Deals"


      I would like for the Index to be recalculated when either filter is used.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated.