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    Seb Bec

      I have installed TABJOLT as described in video training.  Successfully Test it with the built-in "PerformanceViz.twb" dashboard;
      however, I have to admit, I am still missing something here that I don't fully

      serverTestConfig looks like this

      efault {

      proxyEnabled: false

      proxyPort: 8888

      hostUri: http://MyTableauServer:55000

      userAgent: java-client-requests

      proxyHost: localhost

      requestTimeout: 180000


      - !!com.tableausoftware.test.server.configuration.User
      {email: '', friendlyName: '',

        name: MyDomain\myUser, password: ImUser1,
      role: null, site: null}


      >>my dashboard that I want to test is configured in



      my question is:

      Do I always run "PerformanceViz.twb"?

      Am I testing specific workbook (defined in vizpool) or just
      the tableau server specified by " hostUri: http://MyTableauServer:55000"?

      Where and how the PerformanceViz.twb populates data from?

      many thanks

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          Sylvain Cogné

          Hi Seb !


          If you have run one of the 3 prebuilt available test Scenario in TabJolt ( InteractVizLoadTest.jmx, ViewVizLoadTest.jmx, ViewInteractVizLoadTest.jmx ) you should get a test ID for this session, starting from 1 and going +1 for each new test. But if you are familiar with jmeter, you can also create your own Scenario...


          All results collected by TabJolt for each test session will be written in the PostgreSQL DB you had configured during the Installation of TabJolt. Mainly it is the one installed locally on your machine. TabJolt is going to take all views configured in the csv file that was created during the configuration of TabJolt and loadtest them with the number of users you gave him to test.


          If you work in a Cluster environnement, you should also configure several test users into Tableau Server and gave their credential to TabJolt so that the tool can distribute the virtual Connection to all nodes and not always ask the node one.


          Everytime you run a test and then update your PerformanceViz.twb, you will get a new test ID into the droplist.

          I hope it help...


          Good luck with your tests !!!



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            Seb Bec

            Many thanks Sylvain for taking the time and clarifying
            this for me. It makes more sense.

            best regards,

            Seb Bec