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    Need to get min/max of date to show data


      Hi All,

      Might be a silly question, but how can i get min/max of date column to show data ?


      I have 12 months of data coming in from table which is on month level.

      I need to show current month (curr.data)

      and same month last year (prev.data) and variance (curr.data/prev.data) on my dashboard.


      Quick example : Data range :  Jan 2016 to Jan 2017

      in dashboard:

      Jan 2016 : Value1

      Jan 2017 : Value2

      Variance : Value (v1/v2)


      Currently i am using min/max(date coulmn) but it aggregates my measure[sum(measure)]. so my value 1=value 2.

      I do not want to use static filters and it should be dynamic based on months. I always pull 12 months of data in my sql.

      How can i achieve this?