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    show Quaterly as max Qtr month value & Yearly as max month value

    keerthana kumar

      I have the below monthly Inventory data

      My data is shown as per Fiscal Year [April -March]. Eg :FY 2016 -   April 2016 to March 2017

      My date formulas

      Date :  DATEPARSE('yyyyMM',[Period])

      FY Date : DATEADD('year',-1,[Calc Date]) [Fiscal Year Start --> April]

      Inv -M.PNG

      when shown at Quarterly Level i don't want Sum(Inventory) instead show per quarter max(month) inventory

      Eg .FY16

        Q1 is June16 Inventory value,

        Q2 -->Sept 16

        Q3 --> Dec16

        Q4 -->Jan 17

      Q values.png

      when shown at Year Level

      FY16 -->March2017 inventory value

      FY17 -->March2018 inventory value

      Y values.png


      When drilled Up to Quarter level I don't want Inventory value to get summed up instead show Respective Quarter max month value as Quarterly Value

      and Yearly=FY max month value

      as shown in excel tables


      Shinichiro Murakami