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    % Growth Rate Calculation

    Glenn John



      May I seek some help/advise please in calculating the overall % growth rate (by Product and by Client) based on a given period of time (using parameters Start and End date). I have attached the sample file here for additional reference (in sheet2). Any help that you could extend/share would be greatly appreciated.


      Thank you so much.

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          Matt Lutton

          Hi Glenn,


          I have yet to take a look, but can you mock up your expected/desired results to make the request a bit clearer?  Folks are a bit more inclined to jump in if they can verify the results that you're after -- a visual mockup or description of what you'd like to see on the resulting viz would be helpful, I think.  Best wishes!

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            Jim Dehner


            You are providing 2 dates - are you looking for a month over month growth rate based on the start date month v end date month or oar you looking for the periond vs prior year?


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              Glenn John

              Hi Jim Dehner and Matt Lutton,


              What I would like to achieve is to provide the status of a product or a Client if the monthly growth rate (based on sale and/or orders) has hit a certain percentage. The percentage use to calculate the status is based on an input value, using a parameter. Below is a sample calculation

              A) winner = if growth rate is more than x%

              B) loser = if growth rate is less than x%

              C) steady = if growth rate is below x%

              D) dead = if there’s no order for the past x months. The number of months is based on an input value too, using a parameter.


              The growth rate is calculated based on a given period of time (start date and end date) i.e.

              growth rate = (end date / start date)1/n - 1  < where n is number of months


              Thanks again.


              Best Regards,