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    Replace a data source on the server version of Tableau without losing the existing workbooks

    Priya Parmar

      We have the server version of Tableau. We are looking to transition from MapR to Hortonworks which will lead to the change in the published existing data sources. The new data source is the same as the old one(same name and exact same field names). I am trying to replace the old data source with the new one without affecting the existing workbooks (which are many -92). I tried publishing it from Tableau Desktop with the same name. But when i do that, the existing workbooks don't identify the fields and i get an error "Field doesn't exist in the database" . Is anyone aware how the data source transition can be done directly without losing the workbooks or without having to change the data source manually in each work book? Elissa Fink Carisa Chang


      Appreciate it!