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    How to create moving % of usage?

    Ben Gomilla

      So I'm making a dashboard for the usage of my company's website. We're just trying to track if they've used certain features or not in a given week, month, year. So I created a count that says if a usage event occurs more than once then 1 if not 0. But now I'm trying to get a percentage of that count out of the total possible in that date range. For example if in the month of January there are 5 possible weeks. Each one is counted as 1 but the usage events happened only in two of those weeks it would 2/5. Ideally would like this to change depending on the date fields so could do days out of weeks, weeks out of months, days out of months etc. So for the below example. Holdings search would be calculated at 1/5, insights page view at 3/5, page view 3/15 and so and so forth. If anyone has any idea on how to even begin to approach this it would be much appreciated. I've been trying to figure this out for days and feel like I'm losing my mind ha.