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    Can Tableau automatically include tables in data source based on pattern in table names

    Ezra Wolfe



      We are considering Tableau as a solution for ad hoc reporting for our customers. We have many customers and each has their own MySQL database. 98% of the table names are the same, however, there are always going to be a few table names that differ per customer. These tables will also have the same column names in MySQL.


      Each table that varies per customer is named consistently, for example, field_data_field_XXXX where XXX varies by customer. So it will be fairly easy to programatically identify the tables.


      One of our requirements for a reporting solution is that is has to be scalable -- we can't be manually doing data source mappings for each customer.


      So, my question is, is it possible to automate the data source definition in Tableau so that the tables named field_data_field_XXXX are automatically included? We do have developers who can script this out, however I'm not sure if Tableau supports programatically creating/modifying data sources. I searched the API documentation and didn't see anything relevant.


      Thanks for any advice or documentation you can share!