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      Hello all,


      I need a help regarding the filters in Tableau. 

      I have a parameter (which included years like 2014, 2015,2016..) and a filter for weeks(1 to 52).

      The requirement is ,  I  need to select a year (2017 for example) and week (1 to 10) , later when I change the year to any other year , the week selector filter selection should reinitialise to the default values ( 1 to 52). It should no more be selected as 1 to 10 after changing the year filter.

      Hope this seems understandable



      Please let me know if any more details are required.




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          Sriram Bharat

          Hi Divya,




          Hope this helps.



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            Hi Bharat,


            Thanks for the response


            I tried understanding the workbook you provided and could not see the expected output. May be I am going wrong.




            Here we selected 2016 and week 1,2 3. My expectation is , later on selecting 2017 or any other year , the week filter should automatically set to default all weeks( 1 to 52) instead of showing data for weeks 1,2,3 only 


            Please correct me if I am going wrong.




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              Sriram Bharat

              Hi Divya,


              Sorry for the late response.


              As far as i know, you should manually clear the filter (the icon of which will appear when you hover on the filter card) every time if you wish to see the data for all weeks if you change the selected year.


              There is nothing like a "Clear" command/function which would clear the filter automatically when you change the year in the parameters.




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                There is some manual intervention required in terms of resetting a filter.

                You can create a reset button which will reset your week filter or any other filter on Dashboard to 'All' however it will not change the Parameter value.

                So every time you change the year(Parameter) you have to click reset for resetting the week(Filter) to 'All'