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    How to eliminate the word "NULL" by combiing more fields at the same time?

    Dilyana Suleymanova

      Hi there

      I have follow problem: I have to combine 6 columns. Not every column has a value.

      I tried out two ways:


      1. Right click --> Create combined fields


      this is my result:


      I have "Null" as a word in the columns without values


      2. I created a calculation field:

      TRIM([Film Name_Teil1]+' '+[Film Name Teil 2]+' '+[Film Name 3]+' '+[Film Name Teil 4]+' '+[Film Name Teil 5]+' '+[Film Name Teil 6])


      This is my result


      In the fields where I habe less then 6 words, I get "Null" (not as a word)


      How can I combined fields without Null as a word?


      Thank you!