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    How to get rid of mark label's feature to move it with cursor?

    Andrey Suntsev



          I'd like my mark labels to be fixed to position where they are without an ability to move them with cursor.

      My current goal is to create a button having a label inside. The button, label and action assigned to the button -

      - everything works just fine. However, there is small frustration out here: when the button is selected, its label

      becomes "movable" with cursor: if cursor is hovering over the label its form is changed (cursor becomes to look like a cross

      built from arrows) and the thereby the button cannot be clicked. I'd like a button's label to be "inactive", i.e. it should not be

      movable. Is it possible to set up?

          Many thanks in advance!


      Andrey Suntsev,

      Sweet Briar College, VA