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    Drop Out Report - Users who had sales in period Y but not X

    Lauren Schmidt

      I am working with publishing advertising data and I would like to create a dashboard that allows users to determine if a customer "dropped out" from one issue vs another. So, my query would essentially be - Show me the customers that DID NOT RUN in Issue X but DID RUN in Issue Y. The query would not necessarily be year over year - meaning, the end user might want to see a list of customers who are not running in the May issue but ran in the April issue. Or the end user might want to see customers who did not run in the May 2017 issue but ran in the May 2016 issue. So the end user should have the option to choose any combination of two issues.


      The end result would be a list of customers that did run in issue Y (but not issue X), the orders number(s) and their spend by order number(s). A customer could have multiple orders in an issue so the report would have to go down to that level of detail. Attached an example Excel doc.


      I have honestly not gotten very far at all. I started to generate a list of customers that did not have sales in 2017, but did have sales in the prior year, but then I realized that the end user query might not be just year over year (as explained above). Any help would be so so so appreciated!!


      I have attached a packaged workbook with sample data.