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    Route mapping

    Hans Berger

      I've plotted various routes our trucks take to make deliveries and color coded the routes by when the truck was loaded and when the truck was empty.

      What I'm trying identify is the empty routes - and I've accomplished that. The issue I'm having is that we might take a route 100 or more times empty or just once - from a business perspective the 1 time it happens we're not worried about BUT when it happens 100 times its a huge concern. I can't figure out a way to make the route that happens 100 times stand out on a map more than the route that happens once. As you can see by the attached image the green is the loaded the red is the empty - the red could have happened once or 100 times and I'm trying to make it very clear when it happens more often.


      Any help would be great. Capture.PNG