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    Error while refreshing the Extract data in tableau server

    Babu N



      I have created extract data in Tableau desktop and published on Tableau server and try to full refresh my extract on tableau server but it was not successful.


      Please find the below error message.


      Backgrounder Idcompleted_at_localcreated_at_localcreated_at_localExtractIdNotesPriorityProcessed On Workerruntime_secruntime_sec_gantstarted_at_localStatus of JobTask NameTitle
      localhost:0:028/09/2017 19:11:3128/09/2017 19:11:2728/09/2017 19:11:27abc62966com.tableausoftware.nativeapi.dll.DataSourceException: Invalid database name value0localhost24.629629630e-0528/09/2017 19:11:29ErrorRefresh Extractsabc



      Please help me to resolve this issue.