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    Change font style and size using parameters


      Hi all,


      So I am trying to create this dashboard where i have a parameter containing 4 brands for example say Brand1, Brand 2, Brand3 and Brand 4.

      Each of these brands have same dimensions and measures and therefor the view would be same for all (of course with different numbers though for eg sales would be different for each brand)

      However each brand has its own font style and size.

      Is there any way I can use this brand parameter to change font style and size of the view?

      I couldn't find anything like this anywhere.

      I want to set up certain formatting for each brand and when i select certain brand i want the style and size to change accordingly.


      Can anyone help?


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          Hari Ankem

          It may depend on what you are trying to visualize. But, yes, it's possible by creating calculated fields for every brand and measure you have, and using these fields as labels.


          Here is an example using the Superstore data where the sales and profit value labels are dependent on what segment has been selected in the parameter.



          And here is the formula for one of the calculated fields.


          And here is how the labels are formatted.



          You can see the attached workbook for any other details you need.


          Hope this helps.