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    View and Connect Tableau Data source Permissions

    Dan Burrell

      Hi All


      What I am trying to achieve is the following.

      I want deprecate older datasources, while not breaking the connection to reports that are already published on Tableau Server.


      I just want to stop offering the data sources to those client machines with tableau desktop, while allowing the reports to persist until they have time to migrate to the newer datasources.


      I am attempting to use the View / Connect Datasource permissions as my understanding is View permissions are for the Tableau Server Reports and Connect permissions are for the WebEdit and Tableau Desktop application


      If I switch of the Connect permissions for all users. This should allow Tableau Server reports to continue working right?



      I tested it with a user yesterday and I swear it works, do the same thing today with a separate project folder and it no longer works.

      What am I missing here?