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    Help with writing calcs.

    David Gabra

      Joe, - thanks a lot

      I have another, I believe demanding question.

      If i have a list of 3 roles  and 3 levels per roles - and based on a combo between these role and level - an employee could  get an entitlement to a car money  or overtime


      role      level             car    overtime                   

      a            a1               30         Y

      b            b3               50         N

      c           c6                30          N



      1) how to add an if statement for each 

      2) then in my main database with all employee , how to do I add calculated field to see if the above rules are being adhered to


      For example in my database I would have:


      employee    role     level    car   overtime

      RR                 a         a1      30       Y          (this should pass)

      FF                 a          a1     100     Y           (this should fail since car of 100 is not inline with the above)

      GG                a          a1      30      N          this should fail since overtime of N is not correct)