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    Rounding returns strange results when published on tableau server, but works fine on tableau desktop

    Mahesh Ramoju

      I am using this calculated field to show either a percentage beside a number with one place after decimal  OR a dash (--) if it is NULL.

      IFNULL(STR(ROUND(SUM([Previous 2 Month: Avail%])/SUM([Previous 2 Month Units])*100,1))+"%","--")


      This works fine in tableau desktop (10.1.8), but shows strange results like several places after decimal when the same dashboard is published on tableau server (10.1.4)

      On tableau desktop, it shows 83.3%

      When I publish on tableau server and open it in a web browser, it shows 83.29999999999997% (I didn't count number of repeating 9's)

      Anyone faced this issue?


      Note: If the result is NULL, it is correctly showing as -- on tableau server. Just additional information. No issue with this.